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Domiamia Sleep Sack New Pattern 2023 Part 3

by Hayley Morgan on Dec 08, 2022

Domiamia Sleep Sack New Pattern 2023 Part 3

Pattern Name: The Nature Path

The beauty of Creation - The Floral Design

Pattern Name: The Lush Branches

The cup containing the water of life grew tenacious vines and golden fruits.


Pattern Name: The Delicate Creatures

A combination of various plants and fruits.

The beauty of Creation - The Magical Fruits

Pattern Name: The Embroidered Ginseng

The little ginseng fruit is going on a magical journey with its friends and accidentally eats the mortino fruit planted by the witch in the forest, growing into a different body.


Pattern Name: The Mechanical Winery

The bionic robot living in the vineyard merged with the elements of the winery after eating the grapefruit by mistake.

The Ancient "Wilderness" - The Adventure

Pattern Name: The Nature Path

Get on a family RV trip during the weekend, break into the depths of the mystery forest and enjoy the bliss of camping in nature.


Pattern Name: The Sea Guardians

Pattern Name: Sailing the Jervis

Looking over the calm sea, A wicked pirate ship appeared. Suddenly the wind roared, and the waves ran high. A team of paragliders is approaching from afar. They dropped octopus water bottles into the sea. The bottles turned into cute and brave little octopuses.

And started attacking the pirate ship for def ense. Hoping to take back the treasures stolen by the pirates. And return them to the kind humans on the i sland. What a justice story of defeating the evil...

Beauty of Creation - The Mirage

 Pattern Name: The Flower Moon

Pattern Name: The Lost City

Here is the Flower World
With hardworking flower fairies And a princess in the castle
The princess plays violin every morning
Waking up the flower fairies from
buds one by one
A fulfilling day begins with the beautiful music
And the flower fairies are busy taking honey
While tending the beautiful and colorful irises