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About Domiamia

DOMIAMIA is an initial sound made by the newborn baby. We use this voice as the definition of our brand. Domiamia provides innovative sleepwear, loungewear, and blankets to serve the needs of modern families raising children. All products are carefully designed and tested before launch. Our brand is global, functional, and fashionable.                                

100% handmade soap bar


We Create. We Design. We Engineer.

Sustainability is at the core of our design. We use earth-friendly raw materials, maintain strict control over the supply chain and production processes, and minimize damage to the global environment. Our products are made for long-term companionship--durable and endearing to grow up with children and become a part of the family. We believe that a healthy environment created by the brand is essential to protect the next generation. 


Babies deserve better sleep. You Too.

Domiamia is committed to taking better care of babies and reducing parental pressure. Our products are designed to meet the needs of your child, maximizing the satisfaction of taking care of them.  We believe excellent sleep experiences are created by tech-fabric and intuitive understanding of comfort. 

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