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Domiamia New Style 2023 Part 2

by Hayley Morgan on Dec 15, 2022

Domiamia New Style 2023 Part 2

Pattern Name: The Whispering Nuts

 On a farm in Wisconsin, the milkweed nut is a unique plant whose seeds will get blown in the wind, waiting to sprout in spring.


Pattern Name: The Hidden Rabbits

The little rabbits hide in the forest full of exotic flowers and plants. Let's find them!


Pattern Name: Finding The One

"One of us joined us today in a strange costume," said the King. Everyone is looking around and trying to find the naughty animal.


 Pattern Name: The Fairy Deers

In the relief of the forest, a group of cute animals appeared. Some are looking up at the woods in the pond, some

are running to run to the tiny house by the forest, and some are enjoying the view at a slow pace. What a vivid scene.


Duvet Cover Set Dream Series - Boy

Pattern Name: The Lance Burton

Inspired by the Harry Potter School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, to wish all boys with magical powers

In this mysterious kingdom
A prince was born with magical powers. He can turn empty boxes into animals. Rabbits appear in hats.
And cards dancing in his palms


Duvet Cover Set Dream Series - Girl

Pattern Name: Cecilia The Princess

Inspired by Princess Elsa, to wish all girls to be their unique princesses

In a fairy wonderland
The Frozen Princess appears in a sparkling blue dress With a diamond skirt, white feathers, and frosty flowers Attracting sculpture-like flowers and mythical beasts. To gather and welcome her in this beautiful snow.