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Domiamia Blanket New Pattern 2023 Part 2

by Hayley Morgan on Dec 13, 2022

Domiamia Blanket New Pattern 2023 Part 2

Year of the Rabbit Limited Blanket

Pattern Name: The Blissful Rabbit

The "Magic Fountain" pours out
A magical water area
Where the blue forest and colorful flowers sparkle in its reflection
Led by firefly butterflies
The angora rabbit got to taste the beautiful flowers
And became bigger with its feathers turning into luminous colors. The sika deer, brown bears, foxes, and leopards in the jungle Who used to look down on this weak little rabbit
Came to surround and welcome her as a rising star
Interacting with the warm firefly butterflies like the rabbit
At the moment of touch, a yellow light lights up
The tiger walked away
Looking at this beautiful and touching scene And exited happily...


Pattern Name: The Justice Rabbit

The tiger took over the forest.
She was leaving other animals homeless and running to other forests. Now the white rabbit has arrived, representing justice, and brought magical tools to protect the woods with her. As the forest guardian, she carries a crown on her head, Driving the tiger out of this forest.
Once the animals heard the news
They packed their bags and went home
And all sing praises to this great guardian


Pattern Name: Star Haven

Once upon a time, in a distant corner of the universe, there was a magical space theme park called Star Haven. Star Haven was where visitors could experience all sorts of fantastical adventures and marvel at the beauty of the universe. At the entrance to the park, visitors were greeted by a majestic space dragon that would guide them on their journey. Inside, some rides and attractions took visitors to far-off planets and galaxies, such as the "Jupiter Jump" and the "Nebula Explorer." There was also a mystical forest where visitors could encounter otherworldly creatures and a sparkling lake filled with alien fish. In the center of the park was a towering castle where the park's ruler, a wise and benevolent alien queen, lived. Star Haven was where dreams came true, and imaginations could run wild.

The Partial-printed Blanket

The Flying Ship

Pattern Name: Discovering The Unknown

Small animals who had never been in the sky gathered together one day and borrowed the elephant's teapot and teacup to make a substantial hot-air balloon spaceship. Surrounded by other small hot air balloons, the blue-crowned bird took them on a flying trip.


Pattern Name: Peruvian Grass Fruit

The lantern fruit originally came from Peru and Chile but grew vastly in New Zealand. Local people like to plant it in their back gardens for fruit cakes and jams.

Pattern Name: The Jungle Guardians

As the guardians of the jungle, the wise animals gather in Sumatra, lurk in the dark, and keep their eyes on the surrounding.

Pattern Name: The Tibidabo

Inspired by the famous buildings of Barcelona and the amusement facilities of PortAventura Park in Spain, this amusement park only exists in fairy tales.

Pattern name: Gaelg of Man

I was exploring the secrets between Great Britain and Amsterdam. Under the Great Britain Empire, there were England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, each representing its customs and symbols.

Pattern name: The Frangetti

Passing through the rivers of Venice in a raft, exploring St. Mark's Square and the bell tower next to it, and seeing the stone pillars and Venetian stone lions stand on the square proudly, Not to say the famous Rialto Bridge in Venice, it is a classic attraction in this Italian town.


Pattern name: Firefly In Zale

The firefly ladybugs in Zale Forest are famous, drawing many people to camp in this mysterious forest for an adventure.


Pattern name: The Diamond Whisper

In the magic forest, the elves are digging for gems.


California, USA

Pattern name: The Coconut Forest

Escape the summer and enjoy the cool weather in Las Vegas. Sit under the shade of coconut trees, and take one sip of cold coconut juice.

The Dream Garden

Pattern name: The Serengeti

Dreams are far more than words tell, like the mysterious garden deep in our souls. In this quiet and warm garden, animals are having a beautiful day.